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Jesus is BETTER

Month of March

Join us as we "walk" through the Book of Hebrews in our Morning Worship Message Series and discover that Jesus is truly BETTER!  Learn to study the Bible verse by verse, growing your understand of who Christ is.


First Sunday of Every Month @ 6pm

Five times in the first five chapters of Acts, the Bible tells us that the disciples were in "one accord." Each time, it's the Greek word "homothumadon," a compound word that basically means "same passion, combined heat, shared glow." There was among them a mutual experience of the same burning heart, the same heart passion. This ardor of heart unity, fellowship, and agreement in purpose, desire, attitude and action marked the dynamic nature of their praying together.
Let's gather in ONE ACCORD to see the Gospel advanced...lives changed...people the Name of Jesus!


As the world was experiencing the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, twenty-five prominent pastors and ministry leaders from different denominations, networks, and nations gathered on March 19, 2020, for a historic phone call. In the course of the conversation, it became clear they all shared one heart--to unite and activate the worldwide Body of Christ to pray for both the eradication of this virus and spiritual awakening across the world. Using 2 Chronicles 7:14 as their guide, UNITE714 was born.
The call from God was simply to unite the global Church by engaging churches and individuals around the world in prayer at 7:14 every morning and evening.
Soon a strategic, pastoral team emerged that would develop and guide this prayer initiative with Pastors Chris Hodges, Steve Robinson, Dino Rizzo, and James Laffoon guiding the way. What began as a small group of leaders has turned into an international movement bringing together thousands of churches and millions of people across the globe.


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