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Sunday Services

We have two services on Sundays!  
Sunday Morning Worship begins at 11:00 a.m. with contemporary worship and message. 

Discipleship Groups take place on Sunday Evenings at 6pm!


Kid's Ministry Ages 3-12

Kid's Ministry Night is led by a team of volunteers whose passion is children and whose vision is to connect kids to God and to others.  Every Wednesday night is full of fun and excitement, yet full of truths from God's Word!  Our kids are learning how to worship God, how to apply God's Word to their lives, how to talk to God, and build great friendships!
Leaders: Terry & Amanda Weimer
Time: 6:30pm


Pathfinders Youth Discipleship Night

Pathfinders is the youth ministry of Flemington Assembly. We are a community of adventurous, engaging, and encouraging teenagers who love Jesus and love people, all while doing life together. Pathfinders Youth consists of a dynamic youth program Sunday nights at 6pm, Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm and community outreach activities.

Pathfinders Youth is a brilliant opportunity for students to be in a positive peer environment, to talk about real life issues, and to learn about Jesus in a way that will empower them to live life to the fullest!

Christians - Ready - Engaged - Willing

Leader: Jamie & Jessica Knotts, Charleah Vincent, Ken & Deanna McElroy


THRIVE Women's Ministry

Our women's ministry meets quarterly on Sunday evenings at 6pm, and attends women's conferences together!

Watch the church calendar for these special events designed just for the ladies!



The men of Flemington Assembly meet quarterly on Sundays at 6pm. There is always amazing food, fellowship, and an inspirational message just for the guys!


Adult Bible Study

Join Gary and Debby Devart every Wednesday Night at 6:30pm for an in-depth night of Bible Study.  Debby has an online study on Facebook and Gary teaches at the church.  Flemington Assembly believes  that we should be always growing and learning more about the truths in God's Word and how to apply them to our lives.

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Ministries: Ministries
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